Pumpkin Latte Base for Pumpkin {Chai} Lattes

I’m obsessed with pumpkin chai lattes but only the kind made with real pumpkin puree. Sadly, I haven’t found many coffee shops that a) carry pumpkin lattes b) carry pumpkin lattes using homemade puree. Recently I made some homemade Pumpkin Puree specifically so I could make my own pumpkin chai lattes at home. The recipe…

Chai Tea Blend

My grandma sent me this recipe that she clipped from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. She doesn’t know it but the recipe is perfectly suited for my season of homemade gift giving. One-cup jars of this mix are the perfect gift to give a few of my tea-loving coworkers for Christmas. ingredients. 12 cardamom pods 1/2 tsp….