I am a self-described ‘snob’ because I like what I like, and I don’t like what I don’t like. Try convincing me of other but fair warning: it might not work.

Snob, I am not. Foodie, I am.

I started this blog in May 2010 after a few months of unemployed boredom. Blogging was my chance of feeling productive. Besides, I’ve always clandestinely taken pictures of my food and sent them to friends and family members. (You know what I mean. You’re sitting at a restaurant trying not to show the rest of the diners that you’re taking pictures of your food. If you’re reading this page, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.) Blogging was a way for me to legitimately take pictures of food and share them.

My blog started in my kitchen in Long Beach, Calif. as a way for me to share my family recipes and whatever else I seemed to routinely eat. Even after I became gainfully employed again in November 2010, I continued on with the blog, but the scope changed over time.

I will still pass along family recipes, like my mom’s chicken soup or my grandma’s Palacinkes. But these days I seem to post mostly from recipes sent to me by my grandma (yes, Grandma Mo – I still peruse each recipe you send me!), recipes I “dream up” in my head, recipes that replicate a local restaurant dish, or recipes I find on fellow food blogger sites. (Fellow food bloggers, I cherish your recipes!) I tend to obsess about certain foods (pancakespeanut butter) or food fads (brown butterred velvet). And then I’ll move on to another obsession (buttercream frosting). If my dad’s in town, I try to create more healthy fare. He’s had two open-heart surgeries (for a congenital defect) and tries to keep his heart in good shape. The least I can do is help him out when he’s in town.

So welcome to my kitchen! Join me as I eat my way through old family recipes, try to replicate favorite restaurant dishes at home, explore fresh flavors, try new ways of cooking old favorites, and more. Maybe you’ll find something you would like to try at home. Expect to see in this blog a mix of fattening favorites plus (every once in a while) healthy new recipes I’ve found that are actually worth eating over and over again. If you don’t see something you’d like to see on my blog, feel free to let me know by emailing me at lefoodsnob@gmail.com. I’m always open to suggestions and trying new things. You can also friend me on facebook or follow me on PinterestTwitter or Instagram.


Food Snob

PS. New to Food Snob’s recipe blog? The Recipe Rating system is described below:

  •  – one apple; this recipe was awful
  •  – two apples; this recipe was less than OK; not sure it could be improved upon
  •  – three apples; this recipe was OK – I would try it again but make improvements
  •  – four apples; this recipe rocks
  •  – five apples; reserved for the best of the best recipes — you won’t see this score very often

Sorry, if you aren’t viewing this blog on a Mac computer, you won’t be able to see the apples!


  1. I love the name of the blog Le Food Snob…fantastic!… page itself looks cool as well. Like the simplicity of design. Looks like there is lot’s to browse through.
    Greetings from Germany


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