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Eat Dessert First.

That way, you’ll always have room for dessert.

xoxo, Food Snob

Pan-Roasted Sea Bass

Sea bass is my most indulgent seafood choice. I typically only order it at a fancy seafood joint when someone else is paying. It’s so rich and buttery tasting it practically melts in your mouth when you eat it. Fortunately, Costco offers a somewhat more affordable option for buying seafood. You can get a large […]

Sharp Cheddar Herb Mashed Potatoes

If I think back to my earliest memories of mashed potatoes there are two distinct ones I can vividly remember. The first one, comes from Thanksgiving. My mom would make an indentation into the mound of mashed potatoes using the back of a spoon and then I would drown the potatoes in velvety brown gravy […]

Kale + Mushroom Brown Rice Risotto

For as much as I talk about Costco on my blog, you’d think my blog is sponsored by Costco. It’s not. It just so happens that the majority of my posts recently seem to revolve around the massive amount of some food item I purchased at Costco and what I end up doing to use […]

Pillsbury Crescent Roll ‘Bread’ Pudding

Am I the only person who routinely buys Pillsbury Crescent Rolls on sale at Costco and forgets to use them? Crescent rolls are one of the food items that are on rolling-sale at Costco and each time I see them on sale, I fall for buying them. Despite the fact that I really don’t make […]


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