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Eat Dessert First.

That way, you’ll always have room for dessert.

xoxo, Food Snob

Pizza Mac

This dish reminds me of something that would be served at Comet cafe as their mac and cheese flavor of the month. xoxo In my family we love mac and cheese. I grew up eating primarily two different types of mac and cheese: the blue box and my mom’s homemade stovetop Velveeta version. We ate […]

Marsala Wine Sautéed Whole Mushrooms {steakhouse-style}

If you’ve ever bought one of those large containers of mushrooms from Costco and wondered what you were going to do with so many mushrooms, look no further. This recipe will use the entire container. I’m not someone who eats a lot of steak. Not because I don’t like steak. I certainly do. It’s just […]

One-Pot Slopped-Up Spaghetti

I come from a long line of home cooks and bakers extraordinaire; this post is dedicated to one of them: Grandma Mo. xo Deb I started this blog over 10 years ago during a period in my life where I was lacking direction and I was looking for something, anything to fill my time. I […]

Nutella Bread Pudding

This dish was a last-minute addition to our Thanksgiving day brunch. The night before Thanksgiving I was trying to figure out what to do with a leftover loaf of Costco French bread that had been cut into a few days prior and was going majorly stale. Also, Sis had given me some gourmet hazelnut spread […]


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