Steamed Snow Crab Legs

I never knew I liked crab legs until I met BF. In fact, I’m not sure that I even tried eating crab legs until I met him. It’s not like I’d never heard of them; it just wasn’t something we ate in my house (or at a restaurant) when we were growing up.  Eating seafood (other than baked cod, fish we caught from the lake at my aunt and uncle’s cabin, or fish sticks) was reserved for times of celebration and was always done at a restaurant. When I say restaurant, I mean Red Lobster. I can’t recall any other seafood restaurants where we dined other than Red Lobster. And we rarely ate at Red Lobster.

I do know that before I met BF I tried lobster once when my mom ordered it  for dinner (probably at Red Lobster). I didn’t like it. I found it tasteless even when dripping in butter. But now I eat lobster (and seafood in general) whenever I get the chance. Most often when BF and I go out to eat for dinner, our restaurant destination is going to be a seafood (or steak) restaurant. Perhaps it’s as simple a matter of my taste buds have evolved (or weakened) over time?

On the contrary, BF grew up eating crab legs and lobster and seafood in general. (Maybe this is because he grew up in California?) And so because seafood has always been a mainstay in his diet, I have become accustomed to eating and enjoying seafood. Except oysters. Yuck. I just can’t do it. He’s asked me to try them, and I’ve tried eating an oyster or two or three (he loooooooooooooooves them); but I can’t get past the slimy texture or the bits of sand that go down when I swallow. I don’t think my taste buds will ever evolve or weaken enough for me to enjoy eating oysters.

Tonight we dined on snow crab legs. That’s it. No appetizers. Nothing on the side. Just two boiling pots full of snow crab legs. They are simple to make (stick them in boiling water; their done when they start to float). Despite the fact that snow crabs are much more more work to pull apart to reach the meat, we eat them more often than we do king crab legs. We don’t mind the work, and the sweet taste of snow crab legs beats the bland taste of king crab legs any day. (Any time we try king crab legs — forgetting how much better snow crab is — we get angry with ourselves for being tantalized by the ginormous looking legs and caving and buying them because no matter how many times we try them they’re just very flavorless.)

Like the halibut we bought yesterday, these crab legs were from Costco. (We buy almost everything at Costco.) For nearly an hour we sat at the kitchen island bending and cracking and pulling, then dunking the meat in melted butter. The best bites (in my opinion — I think BF might say differently) are the first few bites of meat after just removing the crab legs from the boiling water. Sweet, warm, buttery, and delicious.

Recipe Rating: 



  1. Snow crab legs are the best! Nice post.

    I also find lobster to be bland and tasteless. I don’t know why people spend so much money on them!

    I miss crab legs! When I get back home in the summer crab legs are one of the first few meals I want to have.


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