Spinach and Tomato Breakfast Melt


After discovering my knack for making fantastic breakfast Paninis a few weeks ago (with the debut of the Sausage and Bacon Breakfast Melt), I knew I had to share one of these fantastic melts with Dad while he’s here. Given that we were using Bran-enriched White Bread, I thought we should try to make a healthy breakfast sandwich. Well, healthy-ish, at least.


(Per sandwich)
  • Two slices of your favorite artisan bread (such as Bran-enriched White Bread, Herbed Boule Bread, Italian Semolina Bread, etc.)
  • mayonnaise (optional)
  • salt and pepper
  • butter
  • sliced cheese of your favorite flavor (we used pepper jack) – enough to cover the slices of bread
  • two thin slices of beefsteak tomato
  • baby spinach, stems removed
  • one or two fried eggs


  1. Spread a thin layer of mayo on one side of each slice of bread (if desired). Layer cheese and tomatoes on one slice of bread, cheese and spinach on another (add as much spinach as you desire – I prefer a thin layer because a thicker layer doesn’t seem to heat evenly). If desired add another layer of cheese on top either the tomato or spinach before assembling the sandwich.
  2. Butter both outsides of the bread slices and place in a preheated Panini press or George Forman grill (or make as you would a grilled cheese sandwich, if you have neither).
  3. While the sandwich is cooking, fry the eggs in a small pan to desired doneness (I fry in butter) — season with salt and pepper. Remove from the Panini press when bread is golden brown and cheese has melted. Peel back the top layer of bread and place one (or two) fried egg(s) in the middle.
  4. Cut in half, if desired. Serve immediately.

For aesthetic purposes I used two eggs on Dad’s sandwich (as his was made first and the one I used for pictures). One egg is fine. In fact, two eggs might be too much unless you’re splitting the sandwich or have a decent appetite (like I do!).

I like to cook the eggs over-easy so that the egg runs when you bite or cut into the sandwich. Dad thinks the sandwich is restaurant-worthy. I would tend to agree!

Recipe rating: 


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