BBQ Baked Bean Chili


With a vat of leftover Spicy Southern BBQ Baked Beans and few people (besides my dad) to help me eat them, I knew I needed to come up with an alternative that would tone down the extreme spiciness of the dish. Using ingredients in the fridge and cupboard, I settled on a sweet and spicy chili.



  1. In a medium-sized pot over low heat combine leftover Spicy Southern BBQ Baked Beans with equal parts crushed tomatoes in their juices. Cook over low heat until chili is thoroughly heated.
  2. Fill your bowl noodles (about two-thirds full), then add chili mixture to cover the noodles and leftover Drunken Caramelized Onions. Top with sour cream and shredded cheese. Stir to combine.

The additional tomatoes, noodles and dairy products did effectively cut down on the heat of the Spicy Southern BBQ Baked Beans. My taste buds couldn’t reconcile the taste of the BBQ flavor with the look of chili. (I don’t expect a sweet and spicy dish when digging into a bowl of chili.) For that reason, I found this dish to be OK. Decent. Dad liked it a lot more than I did. And, thankfully, because there’s still a vat (minus one bowlful) of BBQ Baked Beans left!

Recipe rating: sam_9679.jpg

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