Dad’s Lazy Daisy Birthday Layer Cake


I made this cake again this weekend as my backup to the vegan cake I brought to Anika’s party. I thought this cake deserved a reblog because a) it’s so freaking delicious and b) I perfected the recipe! This time I frosted the entire cake and then broiled the top (as opposed to only frosting in between the layers). This sealed the deal. I brought the cake in today to work and my coworker, who can be a bit of a dessert snob (and rightfully so), crowned it the best cake I’ve ever made.

Food Snob

photo 5

After the unexpected success of the Lazy Daisy Cake, I decided to try the layer-cake version my grandma sent me for my dad’s 65th birthday cake. I remember he once mentioned how much he likes the Lazy Daisy Cake. I knew after last year’s flop, any cake would be an improvement. But this layer cake hit it out of the ballpark.

I baked the cake in two 8-inch round layer pans and cut the layers in half. Instead of frosting both the tops and sides of the layers, I decided to leave the sides unfrosted. It gave the cake the appearance of a German “vanilla” cake. Because I didn’t frost the sides, the layers of frosting were monstrously thick. The cake itself is moist. But the frosting contributes to the moistness. If you like coconut, you should try this cake.

cake ingredients.

  • 6 eggs
  • 3 c. sugar

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