Soda Shoppe Dream Cake


I’m a little behind on blogging due to an ailing laptop. But I thought I would take a moment here on my iPad to reblog this cake, which I made last Friday for a birthday celebration. Many people say this is the best chocolate cake they’ve ever had. I might agree!



The cake itself is rich and moist; the frosting slick and smooth–almost velvety and a bit more airy or mousse-y than your traditional American buttercream. I doubled the recipe shown here to make a grandiose six-layer cake, then I topped it with mini m&ms. The only “complaint” I got was that there weren’t enough m&ms. It’s funny to witness the reactions as slices of cake are passed around and the first few bites are taken. My coworkers almost melted into their chairs in pure delight.



You’ve got to bake this cake and see the reaction for yourself! Remember not to let the cake dry out–don’t cook until a toothpick in the middle comes out clean. Instead you want moist remnants of cake on your toothpick. Also this frosting is very forgiving. Add more chocolate, cola, powdered sugar or salt as you see fit. Enjoy!



Food Snob

Normally every year on my birthday either I or my mom make my favorite cake of all time, Best Red Velvet Cake. This year I opted to try a new recipe so I had something to bring into work as a birthday treat. I got ridiculously good reviews on this cake.

Colette (who’s tasted many of my desserts and has commissioned me to make cakes for her friends’ birthday) said without a doubt this is the best cake I’ve ever made. Cody said the cake gave him goose bumps when he bit into it … but could be improved by adding peanut butter. (He thinks peanut butter should be in everything.) Scott messaged me after he took the cake to his desk and said, “This cake is $%*#ing good!”

Are you looking for a new go-to chocolate cake? Look no further. This is your cake.


  • 1 c. butter
  • 3/4…

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