Buffalo Chicken Tacos

The other day I bought the cutest little tortillas at Von’s. They are called Mission “Street Tacos.” They are tiny, flour tortillas – something you would see sold on the street. I love tortillas of any kind. Flour. Corn. Homemade. Low-carb. Even whole wheat. The only tortillas I don’t really care for are hard shell tacos. Unless you make your own hard shell tacos, which an ex-boyfriend of mine once did. Those were amazing! At any rate, I love most tortillas and most types of tacos.

I’ve been sick for longer than a week with very little taste buds so I’ve been dreaming about getting better enough to have the energy to cook something and I’ve been dreaming about eating something I could taste. I’ve been living off toast and grilled cheese and even the grilled cheese I really couldn’t taste all that much. Not even when it was slathered in chipotle mayo.

For some reason I got the idea in my head that buffalo chicken would make an excellent taco. I figured it would be spicy and hot enough that even if my taste buds still weren’t up to par that I would be able to taste them. So I found a couple of recipes on the internet for buffalo chicken tacos and kind of came up with my own really easy recipe. Really. It was really easy.

taco ingredients.

  • boneless, skinless chicken breast
  • buffalo sauce
  • tortillas (whatever kind you fancy)
  • blue cheese crumbles
  • garnish (cilantro, chopped tomato, avocado, buffalo sauce, onion, cole slaw, blue cheese dressing, shredded cheese – really the possibilities are endless)

buffalo sauce ingredients.

  • 6 T. butter
  • pinch of salt
  • ¼ c. hot sauce
  • 2 T. white vinegar


  1. Make the buffalo sauce. In a small pan over medium heat, heat and stir all ingredients until butter is melted and sauce is uniform.
  2. Cut the chicken breast into tiny pieces. Think of what you would feed a very small child. If you’ve never fed a very small child, just make them smaller than bite-size. In a saute pan over medium-high heat, drop a little bit of canola oil. You don’t need to cover the bottom of the pan and we are not deep-frying the chicken. Just put some in there so your chicken doesn’t totally stick. Brown the chicken. To brown any meat you simply let it sit cooking, unstirred for a bit. For cubed meat you would brown on each side. For this chicken just let it cook until it’s browned a bit then stir it up and let it sit some more. You’re not going to get all sides browned.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare your garnishes.
  4. Once your chicken is browned toss it with some of the buffalo sauce. I didn’t measure.
  5. Serve hot over warmed tortillas with whatever garnish you like.

To be honest, I wasn’t overly enthused with this dish. To be fair, my taste buds are not fully back in business. I couldn’t really taste the buffalo sauce but could taste the blue cheese, which must have been really strong. And I could taste a sprig or two of cilantro What I really wanted to do was “bread” the chicken because I believe that buffalo sauce sticks better to chicken that’s breaded in some capacity. I just didn’t feel like futzing around with any breading so I opted not to but I do think that would have made a big difference in how I felt about this dish. If I could taste the food that would certainly help as well!

I plan to take the leftovers to work with me for lunch this week so hopefully one of these days my taste buds return in full and I can give a more accurate depiction of my thoughts on this recipe.

As an aside, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the tortillas. I like the size but these babies were thicker than normal flour tortillas. The texture seemed to compete with or detract from the meat.

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