Restaurant-Worthy {vegetarian} Breakfast Burritos

When Sis rolled into town she arrived with an expired jar of Sendik’s Monterey Jack queso sauce and suggested we find recipes to use it up, I was game. I don’t really believe in expiration dates for canned goods, unless the date is more than like 5 years old, maybe. Also, I knew immediately what I wanted to use for at least part of the queso sauce: dipping sauce to accompany a breakfast burrito. I knew Sis would approve because she goes ga-ga for breakfast burritos.

Ever since my friend Angie introduced me to a video of local Angelinos taste-testing breakfast burrito eateries and one of the eateries serving a side of warm queso for dipping, I’ve been wanting to recreate the dish at home. Angie did buy some Frito Lay jalapeño and cheddar sauce while we were on our road trip in the spring, and we used it to dip leftover breakfast burritos we brought home with us from the road trip. But that didn’t quite scratch the itch enough for me. I still wanted to make my own burritos and dip them in queso sauce. But I never really make breakfast burritos. Nor do really buy queso sauce. With a jar of queso sauce handed to me and a request to help use it up, here was my chance. And Sis did go ga-ga over the suggestion of making breakfast burritos. Ga-ga might be a strong word but she likes breakfast burritos. A lot. 

When it comes to breakfast burrito ingredients, Sis is a bit picky. She does not like potatoes. It’s not often you can find a breakfast burrito without some sort of potato. I happen to like potato in a breakfast burrito. Especially tater tots. But Sis thinks it’s a filler. I don’t need potato in my burrito so I was fine without. Making our own breakfast burrito is a good way to control the ingredient list.

I had recently made some delicious soft-scrambled eggs and decided to use that recipe for our breakfast burrito. Instead of using chives, we used Serrano pepper. We also took some leftover pinto beans we made from Bean + Rice Bowls and mashed them up and warmed them. Then we just threw in some typical breakfast burrito ingredients (aside from potato) and voila, our vegetarian breakfast burrito sans potato was ready to eat.

We declared this burrito “restaurant-worthy” and easily one of the best breakfast burritos we’ve ever eaten, if not the best. I seriously kept randomly exclaiming “that burrito was soooooooo good” as we were cleaning the kitchen. The ingredients melded perfectly together. It was a bit spicy but not too spicy; warm, melty and totally filling.

The secret to the best breakfast burritos ever? Browning the tortillas on both sides after assembling and before eating. That step takes any average burrito recipe and bumps it up a notch, in our opinion.

If you like breakfast burritos and you’re tired of paying $10 or more to buy one at a restaurant, feast your eyes and your stomach on this recipe. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Recipe for scrambled eggs, about 2 to 3 eggs per person (I followed my Soft-Scrambled Egg recipe and subbed Serrano pepper for chives)
  • burrito-sized flour tortillas
  • warm pinto beans, mashed slightly or completely or left whole if that’s your thing
  • Chihuahua cheese, shredded (any other mild cheese will do)
  • chopped or whole leaf cilantro, optional
  • avocado, cubed
  • salsa, for dipping
  • warm queso, for dipping


  1. Have two pans ready, one for the eggs and one for the burritos.
  2. Have the tortillas, avocado, cilantro, cheese and beans ready for assembly and start scrambling your eggs. Meanwhile warm the tortillas in large frying pan over low heat to get them pliable.
  3. When the eggs are done according to your desired doneness begin assembling your burrito. Take your warm tortilla and sprinkle some cheese down off center leaving about an inch or so of space between the cheese and the edge of the tortilla. You need this open space for rolling. Spread some warm pinto beans on top the cheese and, if you’re so inclined, sprinkle some more cheese on the beans. Top with scrambled eggs and, if you’re so inclined sprinkle the eggs with a bit more cheese. Top with chopped avocado and cilantro. Be mindful of how much you’re putting on top of your tortilla because you need to be able to roll all of that up.
  4. Roll your burrito. Take the edge of the burrito that is closest to the off center mound of food and gently fold over the mound of ingredients trying to encase the ingredients completely. Next fold the sides of the burrito over to seal the sides and continue rolling all the way to the other edge of the burrito. If you don’t have an obnoxious amount of burrito ingredients in your tortilla, you should get a nicely shaped burrito. If you have too many ingredients, food will fall out the ends, the middle or both. (Mine fell out the ends, slightly.)
  5. Place your burritos, seam side down, back into the pan you used to warm the tortillas and turn to medium heat. Cook until browned on one side and then flip and repeat. (Now is a good time to warm your queso if using.)
  6. Remove from heat, cut in half and serve with your favorite salsa and, if you happen to have some, warm queso dip.

Recipe rating: 

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