{vegan} Refried Bean Nachos

With a confounding amount of leftover vegan Cheez Sauce from making Vegan Mac and Cheez, Sis and I got excited to try making our own vegan nachos. Seabird’s Kitchen, a vegan restaurant in Long Beach, Calif., serves amazing Jackfruit (“pulled pork”) Nachos on Fridays only. The first time I tasted the nachos I was shocked. I never would have known the nachos were vegan were I not eating at a vegan restaurant. Also the jackfruit tasted just like pulled pork. Maybe except for the texture. But anyway, it was almost not even discernible that I wasn’t eating meat or dairy in the dish.

One of the times Sis was in town I took her to Seabirds to share the nachos and she loved them as well. So it’s always been on our agenda to recreate the nachos at home.

For this recipe, we opted not to bother with the Jackfruit. We were trying to throw the nachos together rather hastily for our afternoon snack. Or lunch. Whatever. And we really didn’t want to futz around with jackfruit. Instead I used the pinto beans I had cooked the night before to make up some quick and healthy refried beans for our protein source.

Sis and I both agreed that the nachos tasted legit like real dairy nachos made with fake cheese sauce that tastes so good with nachos versus real cheese that you melt on top that re-coagulates in a matter of minutes. I really think we could have fooled someone into thinking they were eating real, dairy nachos. 

What makes these nachos is the Vegan Cheez Sauce. It looks so real it’s uncanny. Even when the sauce is stored in the fridge it has the look and texture of cold, dairy cheese sauce. And the color is just spot on.




  1. Spread out some tortilla chips on a platter or large plate. If you mound the chips, the chips on the bottom and middle of the platter will not get much if any of the nacho ingredients on top.
  2. Top with refried beans, Cheez Sauce, tomatoes, cilantro, pepper and avocado. Serve immediately.

Recipe rating: 

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