Buttermilk Pancakes

Updated 1.9.2019.

One of the first recipes I ever made as a child was buttermilk pancakes. Buttermilk pancakes were something my mom made often for breakfast on the weekends (along with waffles and French toast) and eventually when I was old enough I took over making pancakes. (Especially during summer break when my mom was at work and unable to make breakfast during the week.) Because of my pancake-filled childhood, to this day I’m a sucker for a good pancake. Without my mother’s recipe on hand this morning, I searched the internet for a suitable pancake recipe. The below recipe was adapted from Martha Stewart’s recipe.


  • 2 c. all-purpose flour
  • 2 tsp. baking powder
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • 3 T. vanilla sugar (regular granulated sugar is fine)
  • 2 large eggs , lightly beaten
  • 2 c. buttermilk
  • 4 T. unsalted butter, melted


  1. Heat griddle to 375 degrees or, if using a griddle top stove, heat to medium-high heat. Whisk together flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and sugar in a medium bowl. Add eggs, buttermilk, and 4 tablespoons butter; whisk to combine. Batter should have small to medium lumps. Do not mix until smooth.
  2. Test griddle by sprinkling a few drops of water on it. If water bounces and spatters off griddle, it is hot enough. Using the back of a spoon scoop vegetable oil spread (like Crisco) onto hot griddle and spread around.
  3. Using a 4-ounce ladle, about 1/2 cup, pour pancake batter, in pools 2 inches apart. When pancakes have bubbles on top and are slightly dry around edges, flip over. Cook until golden on bottom, about 1 minute.
  4. Repeat with remaining batter, keeping finished pancakes on a heatproof plate in oven. Serve warm.

Yields 15 4-inch pancakes.

Personally, I like a thicker, fluffier pancake. (If I wanted a thin pancake, I would eat a crepe.) So I tend to add more flour than what is called for in a pancake recipe. For my recipe, I reduced the buttermilk and swapped brown sugar for white sugar; everything else remained the same. The result? A thick delicious melt-in-your-mouth buttermilk pancake. Honestly one of the best pancakes I’ve ever made.

Recipe rating: 

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