The Breakfast Bowl



Breakfast is big in our house — especially on the weekends. Unfortunately BF is more an egg eater, and I am more pancakes and waffles. This is our compromise.

Our definition of a breakfast bowl is basically anything you can throw into a bowl that includes tater tots, some form of eggs, and some form of processed meat.

This heart attack in a bowl is super easy to make.

Fry up some bacon. As the bacon is cooking scoop some grease from the pan and start pan frying the tater tots. (We prefer mini-tater tots because they get crispier.) When the bacon and tater tots are fried to your desired crispiness, fry an egg using a tiny smidgen of the leftover bacon grease. Layer the ingredients in a bowl starting with the tater tots and ending with the egg.

We’ve also had breakfast bowls made with chopped up leftover filet mignon, sliced sausage links, and eggs that are scrambled instead of fried. However, this is the most common breakfast bowl found in our kitchen.

Recipe rating: 

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