Easy Dirt Cake

There are a few ways that you can make this cake. One of the versions (including my mom’s) uses cream cheese and butter. My recipe is the simplest  and the best and cream cheese and butter-free. (In my opinion neither belong in this recipe.) Without the cream cheese and butter in this dish, it’s also slightly healthier for you.

This dessert is a hit with both kids and adults, but especially with kids when you place gummy worms in the “dirt.”


  • 3 small boxes of instant pudding (French vanilla or any chocolate flavor)
  • 6 c. cold milk
  • 1 small tub cool whip
  • 1 plus packages of Oreos (regular or chocolate), crushed (I used one and ⅓ packages)
  • 1 package of Oreos for garnish
  • gummy worms, optional


  1. Make the pudding according to directions. Once the pudding has “set,” mix the cool whip into the pudding.
  2. In a trifle dish or giant bowl, layer pudding mixture with crushed Oreos starting and ending with Oreos. I placed whole Oreos lining the top and bottom of the dish (as seen in the pictures).
  3. Stick gummy worms into the Oreo “dirt.”
  4. You can serve this in individual dishes or small pots or mason jars but it’s a whole heck of a lot more work!

Recipe rating: 


  1. Thank you for this recipe I lost mine and freeked out when I saw all of the other recipes on the web with cream cheese etc I “knew” I had never used that in my “DIRT” So now I can make this for our July 4+1 party tonight!


    1. LOL! That certainly sounds like a panic situation, Johnetta! Those cream cheese dirt cake recipes are rampant on the internet. I hope it turned out for you! 🙂


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