Crunchy Buffalo Chicken Grilled Burrito


The other day when shopping at Winco I purchased jalapeno cheddar tortilla wraps intending to make more buffalo chicken wraps. Then I had a thought. How would buffalo chicken taste in a burrito? Pretty much the same as a buffalo chicken wraps, I imagined. But I googled Buffalo + Chicken + Burrito anyway and discovered two things: 1) from what I could discern, there isn’t much difference between the two recipes 2) apparently beans define a burrito.

And thus my own version of the Buffalo Chicken Burrito was born.


  • Large flavored tortilla wrap (like jalapeno cheddar or spinach and herb)
  • leftoverspicy buffalo chicken strips, cubed and heated
  • diced avocado (approximately one-half of an avocado)
  • diced tomato (approximately 2 T.)
  • black beans (from a can heated, then drained — approximately 2 T.)
  • shredded Monterrey jack cheese (approximately 2 T.)
  • 1 T. blue cheese dressing or blue cheese crumbles


  1. Warm tortilla in the microwave for 20 seconds between two sheets of paper towel. Spread 1 T. blue cheese dressing (or crumbles) in the middle of the tortilla.
  2. Layer with chicken, tomato, beans, avocado, and shredded cheese.
  3. Wrap the burrito the same way you would wrap a wrap sandwich.
  4. Place on nonstick pan over medium high heat and grill the tortilla on all four sides (lengthwise) to heat the ingredients and melt the cheese.
  5. Slice in half and enjoy.

If I make this recipe again I would use another kind of blue cheese dressing (I didn’t care for Ken’s® brand but there wasn’t any other choice at the local corner market when I went there this morning), use bleu cheese crumbles, or omit altogether. The only flavor I didn’t like in the burrito was the bleu cheese. And if I find a good blue cheese (the one at the Cheesecake Factory is amazing), I think blue cheese can be an excellent accent in the right dish.

Note: The second time I made this recipe I omitted the blue cheese dressing — it was awesome. But I still think the only difference between a buffalo chicken burrito and a buffalo chicken wrap is the beans.

Recipe rating: 



  1. Yum!! This looks good–they almost look like buffalo chicken egg rolls or something. I love how you come up with creative ways to use up leftovers. It inspires me!


    1. Some of my recipes turn out a little crazy, but I like trying new things and making it up as I go along!

      Have you ever had Seven Tortilla Crunchies from the Chancery? I’m not sure if they have them anymore, but they used to when I worked there. I LOVED them. I couldn’t get enough. At first I wanted to try to recreate those but make them buffalo style. But I remembered watching the prep cooks prepare the ingredients and I thought it would take too much work LOL. Plus then I would have to freeze them and deep fry them. Maybe I’ll try something like that some day. The secret ingredient was honey. They used honey to get the tortilla to stay put and then froze them, which I thought was pretty interesting.


  2. This looks so good! My husband doesn’t like bleu cheese, so when I make my buffalo chicken pizza, I mix 1 block of cream cheese with 1 packet of Ranch dip mix and use that as the pizza sauce. I think that would work as an alternative to the bleu cheese in this recipe, just give the tortilla a schmear before adding the rest of the goodies.


    1. Thanks, Lisa! That sounds delicious. I love ranch anything and sometimes eat ranch as my dipping sauce for buffalo wings. I like the idea of using that as your sauce for pizza as well!


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