Mozzarella and Artichoke Panini

Updated 5.5.2018.

A few months ago my dad, my sister and I went to one of my favorite local, walkable restaurants which will remain nameless. My dad ordered a breakfast panini and got scrambled eggs stuffed into a French roll. We were confused. It was not a panini. It did not remotely resemble a panini. It was not pressed. The bread wasn’t even warm. We were bewildered. My dad was downright pissed. How can anyone screw up a panini that badly, we wondered. We could have taken the sandwich home and pressed it but instead my dad ate the eggs out of the sandwich and not so silently seethed about the sandwich miss.

This recipe features a fully pressed sandwich made of leftover artichoke dip. If you don’t have artichoke dip you can use chopped artichoke hearts or a soft cheese that contains artichoke.

This recipe is simple and a great way to use up leftover artichoke dip. (It’s sometimes challenging to find different ways to use up leftovers. Sometimes it’s a no-brainer.) As Sis said tonight, any recipe that calls for cheese has to be good. Plus paninis make me smile. As long as they are pressed!


  • day-old herbed boule bread (or any other kind of artisan bread or French bread roll sliced in half)
  • fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced
  • 1 T. leftover artichoke dip


  1. Slice herbed boule bread approximately 1/4 to 1/2-inch thick. Layer one piece of bread with thin slices of fresh mozzarella cheese and slather with artichoke dip. Layer the other piece of bread with thin slices of fresh mozzarella cheese and place on top of the other slice of bread.
  2. Using a Panini press or George Foreman grill, heat until bread has browned and cheese is melted.
  3. Enjoy!

Recipe rating: 

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