Cherry Tomato Salad

Updated 2018.

Here’s what I said about this salad back in 2012:

I made the unfortunate decision of using half heirloom tomatoes and half cherry tomatoes. The heirloom tomatoes were extremely bitter (though tasted great on my Tomato, Garlic and Herb Pizza last week!) Because about half the salad was bitter to the taste, I didn’t get a really good sense of whether or not this recipe was home-run. (I’m going to assume that if I had used all cherry tomatoes it would be!)

A side note: my dad tried the salad and very specifically said he didn’t think the tomatoes were bitter at all. Hmm. Perhaps my taste buds are off…

In 2018 when I recreated the dish I did not use heirloom tomatoes and the dish was delicious.

To me this seems like the prefect summer salad or side dish – especially if you love tomatoes like I do.



  1. Put the cherry tomatoes in a large serving bowl. Season with salt and pepper and toss.
  2. Drizzle the dressing over the tomatoes and toss.

Recipe rating: 

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