Best Ever BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Updated 12.30.2020.

Tomorrow during the Superbowl I’ll be noshing on artichoke dip and kebabs made by the hostess of the party. If were hosting a party or in charge of bringing the main dish, I would make these sandwiches.

I brought them to the studio Tuesday to share with my producers. We planned on doing a short show highlighting food, events and games all centered on this weekend’s Superbowl. Instead, all we did was eat. We brought all the fixin’s for these sandwiches into the tiny studio after reheating the biscuits in the oven for a few minutes.

Before tearing into the food, Thomas (Pookie) suggested we should share the pulled pork with the staff at the Q Center. I stayed quiet but was silently hoping we could keep all the food to ourselves. It was just that good, and I didn’t want to share. I get that way when food is super delicious.

As soon as Thomas bit into his first sandwich, he reconsidered. Over and over he exclaimed that the sandwich was the best pulled pork sandwich he’d ever had. He even suggested we somehow promote these sandwiches along with radio station at a fundraising or promotional event.

We ended up sharing the pork with Bobby (Bubbles), my other producer, and three staff members from the Q Center. Stacey, born in the South, said I hit the biscuits out of the park. Thomas said the BBQ sauce was amazing. Everyone loved the flavor of the pulled pork and the tanginess of the coleslaw. And that is why I think these sandwiches deserve the title “Best Ever.” Try them. I have no doubt you’ll agree.



You’ll want to start with warm biscuits. If you’re not using fresh made biscuits, heat them up in the oven for a few minutes at 350 degrees. Once the biscuits are heated, split them in half and pile them high with pulled pork. Drizzle with BBQ sauce, cover with coleslaw and top with the other half of your biscuit. Try not to ooh, ahh and/or moan when eating. I dare you.

Recipe rating: 


  1. Wow! I can see what all of the commotion was about! These look fantastic and I love my pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw too. Although you’re not hosting the Super Bowl party, I would definitely serve these to your guests at the next gathering you host!


    1. Thanks, Allison! I actually got invited to two Super Bowl parties, the second of which I know I was only invited specifically because my friend wanted me to bring these. LOL.


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