Filet Skewers

surf and turf
Filet, filet skewers, crab legs and grilled pineapple — perfection.

This weekend we had company. BF’s bro drove here from Las Vegas. And, as such, we didn’t do a lot of cooking like we normally do. But we did do a lot of eating (mainly eating and drinking at restaurants). Saturday afternoon we decided another trip to Costco was in order — BF’s bro agreed to cook filet skewers for dinner — something he had experience in making. (BF and I had never made beef skewers.)

Of course a trip to Costco is never just an in-and-out trip, and we always buy more than we plan on buying when we go. This trip was no exception. Once at  Costco, we decided to buy filet mignon and crab legs (as BF’s bro doesn’t have quite as good of seafood in Las Vegas that we do here right next to the Pacific, and, as such, likes to eat seafood when he’s here). Into the cart went three packages of crab legs and $68 worth of filet mignon. Because we eat filet so often (and because BF wanted to be able to carve his own filet steaks), we bought the filet in bulk. BF was able to carve 11 1 1/2 to 2″ filets from the loaf of meat we bought, plus some extra chunks of meat for the skewers.

For $45 dollars we got six pounds of crab legs (normally BF and I eat two pounds a piece).

After all the carving was done, we stuck eight filets in plastic Ziploc freezer bags and shoved them in the freezer.

When it came down to assembling the skewers, the job landed on me. BF’s bro and I had washed, prepped, and cut the veggies for the skewers: cherry tomatoes on the vine, tiny golden potatoes, mushrooms, onion slices, green pepper slices, jalapeno pepper slices, and pineapple chunks. I don’t like green peppers. In order to avoid having to pick green peppers off my skewer, I became in charge of assembly.

uncooked skewers
Uncooked skewers.

It was my idea to add the potatoes to the skewers. BF’s bro had never put potatoes on a skewer before, and, thus, none of us really knew how long to cook the potatoes before grilling. BF suggested boiling them for 10 minutes before skewering them, and that’s what we did. In the end, we grilled up three filets (one per person), three skewers a piece, and two pounds of crab legs. We had leftover pineapple from making the skewers so we decided to grill that up as well.

Despite the fact that our skewer recipe was somewhat experimental (having added the potatoes into the mix), the skewers turned out perfectly. Actually, everything did. The filet steaks were cooked to perfection and (I swear to God) the crab legs were the best we have ever boiled. Maybe the crab legs seemed so much better because they were accompanied with such great tasting beef?

We all agreed the dinner was a success and only managed to fit in two skewers a piece, split one of the filet steaks amongst the three of us, and eat approximately half of the crab legs we cooked. (This morning we plan on having crab omelettes, steak and eggs, or both!)

Recipe rating: 

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