Steamed Edamame

The first time I ever ate steamed edamame was at a Sushi restaurant in Milwaukee with my friend, Jenna. (Incidentally, it was also the first time I had ever eaten sushi.) I was skeptical of the bean at first because, let’s face it, it’s green and a veggie. Still I had heard good things about it. And Jenna ordered it as an appetizer; when do I ever turn down an appetizer? In a word: never.

It was love at first bite the moment I slipped one of those salted beans into my mouth. Since then I discovered you can buy shelled edamame at Trader Joe’s (which is a great addition to salad when I actually eat salad), and, more importantly, you can buy edamame in the pod in bulk at Costco. The first time I ever had steamed edamame at home was at BF’s house. Quickly I learned that BF always keeps packages of Costco edamame in his freezer. It’s a great appetizer or side whenever we are trying to fit a veggie into our dinner. (Tonight we ate our edamame with buffalo wings.) Sometimes I’ll even cook some up in the middle of the day when I need a salty snack.

All we do is set the bag of frozen edamame on a plate in the microwave (in the event water leaks from the bag) and cook on high for three to four minutes. Remove from the bag and sprinkle with sea salt (in the grinder).

The only time I ever don’t like edamame is when they serve it cold, in the shell, at a sushi restaurant. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Recipe rating: 

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