Better than McDonald’s McMuffin Breakfast Sandwiches

Updated 6/10/2017.

Back in 2010 I wrote:

When I was in high school, my mom would make me a special breakfast on exam day mornings: an Egg McMuffin. (As opposed to the usual cold cereal or bagel and cream cheese.) To this day, I still love a good McMuffin, be it from McDonald’s, or homemade.

Every once in a while, BF makes McMuffins for  breakfast (usually at my request). Today he made a Sausage McMuffin using Farmer John’s sausage patties, an egg (over easy), and one slice of American cheese. The ingredients were tucked between a toasted Trader Joe’s British Style Multigrain English Muffin (five grams of fiber and seven grams of protein). But he’s also made Bacon and Canadian Bacon McMuffins — all of which are equally as tasty!

In the past 7 years my breakfast sandwiches have evolved. I eat them on English muffins or biscuits, bread or bagels. Even as a panini or breakfast grilled cheese sandwich. You can make any sort of bread into a breakfast sandwich. You can use any sort of meat too. Just add an egg and/or cheese and voila! A breakfast sandwich is born. (Admittedly, if you want to make any sort of McMuffin sandwich you’ll want to use an English muffin.)

Recipe rating: 


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