{low-fat} Lasagna

I’ve become one of those people that I hate. One of those people I said I would never become. I’ve become someone who cooks low-fat meals (instead of full-fat). Sigh. What’s happened to me? Well, let’s make a list: age, weight gain, stress, high cholesterol and wrinkles. Yep. I have wrinkles around my eyes that…

Parsley Pecan Pesto Sauce

Before planting my garden, I should have taken stock of what already existed. I got a small Italian parsley plant (amongst other herbs and vegetables) and when I brought it home, I discovered that one of the raised beds (one I wasn’t planning on using) was overtaken by an out of control Italian parsley plant….

Linguine with Brown Butter, Parsley and Cheese

Nope. I’m still not over brown butter and now I’m exploring other brown butter dishes (besides cookies). The original recipe calls for breadcrumbs, but I was fresh out. Instead, I substituted crushed French’s Fried Onions. French’s Fried Onions were the only thing I could find in the pantry of similar texture to breadcrumbs of which…

Tomato Relish

Once I mustered up the nerve to try Tomato Relish, I began to eat it on everything!