Spaghetti and Meatball Stroganoff

The concept of having stroganoff in it with anything other than beef didn’t occur to me until rather recently when I began googling stroganoff and finding all the different options that existed. Years ago I had made Lamburger Stroganoff, at my sisters suggestion, when we had extra lamb after a holiday meal. I’d thought her…

Bacon Stroganoff

I searched high and low for a bacon stroganoff recipe on the internet. There aren’t that many recipes out there which surprises me because I think I’ve seen nearly every type of stroganoff you can imagine – even meatball! (Meatball Stroganoff should be my next try.) So I took my mom’s basic recipe for stroganoff…

{crockpot} Shredded Chicken Stroganoff

Have you ever asked someone if they’ve ever had hamburger stroganoff and gotten a blank look? Like they had absolutely no idea what “stroganoff” is? That happened to me once and I thought it was weird. I thought everyone grew up eating stroganoff on a regular basis. My mom made this classic dish my entire…

Brown Butter Hamburger Stroganoff

Last week I pulled some hamburger out of the freezer intending to make burgers while my dad was visiting. Then in the midst of all my food planning, I had to put my dog down. And suddenly I no longer felt like trying hip, new burgers. Instead, I wanted something easy to make. Something comforting….

Italian Sausage Stroganoff

This recipe is based on the Beef Stroganoff recipe found in the cookbook “Joy of Cooking” by Irma S. Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker, which I have been wanting to make forever. ingredients. 1 lb. Italian sausage, removed from its casing (I used 4 cheese flavor) 2 T. butter 8 garlic cloves, crushed 3/4 lb….