Easy Dirt Cake

There are a few ways that you can make this cake. One of the versions (including my mom’s) uses cream cheese and butter. My recipe is the simplest and the best and cream cheese and butter-free.

Death by Chocolate Cake

I copied this recipe out of a magazine (I wish I could remember which magazine!) a few years back, tried it out for my mom’s 50th birthday cake, and it was a huge success. Since then it’s become a cake we make at least once a year (like the red velvet cake we make every year for my birthday).

Cheesy Hash Brown Bake

Known in some circles as party potatoes (because they are such a big hit at parties), this dish will have everyone smiling.

Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup Mint Filled Brownies

I was first introduced to these mint brownies in high school. Since my friend first made them for me nearly 17 years ago, I have since incorporated them into my annual Christmas cookie repertoire. They were a huge hit in the office last Christmas.