Sausage and Bacon Breakfast Melt

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I almost didn’t blog about this. Almost. The first time I made it, I thought: Eh. It’s OK. But I had visions for a fantastic breakfast melt and eh-OK wasn’t good enough. Though I call this a Breakfast Melt, I ate it for dinner. I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, midnight snack… You get the picture. It’s that good.


  • thick slices of your favorite artisan bread (I used rosemary olive oil)
  • shredded cheese (I used fontina)
  • cooked bacon
  • Country-style sausage, cooked and crumbled
  • fried eggs
  • mayonnaise (optional)
  • butter


  1. Preheat your Panini press or George Foreman grill.
  2. Butter one side of one piece of bread. If using mayonnaise, spread a thin layer on the inside of both slices of bread.
  3. Layer with shredded cheese, sausage crumbles and bacon strips.
  4. Top with the piece of bread that’s both buttered and spread with mayo.
  5. Spread some butter on the bottom of the Panini press or George Foreman grill. Place the sandwich non-buttered bread side down and cook until cheese melts and bread is golden brown.
  6. Meanwhile fry one or two eggs in some butter in a frying pan. When the sandwich is done, open it back up and slide the eggs inside. Serve immediately and enjoy!
Recipe rating:

I know I’ve said before that I don’t like cheese any other cheese on a breakfast sandwich besides American. This is true — with one exception. You cannot pair artisan bread with American cheese. It’s just wrong. Wrong in so many ways, I can’t begin to explain. Instead use a cheese that melts easily like mozzarella or fontina. You will thank me for this little piece of culinary advice.

Also, I know a lot of people frown upon mayonnaise. It’s fatty. It’s bad for you. Etcetera, etcetera. This is true. But if you don’t eat mayonnaise every day (especially if you rarely ever eat it), you should put mayo on this melt. It really makes it that much more meltier. Your taste buds will thank me!

PS. Even my dogs loved this sandwich. And Loki is very picky!

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  1. Nicole craig says:

    My brothers girlfriend has her niece here from England. She loved it. I was making this alOng with Easter eggs and educating and disciplining at same time. It was ugly. Needed only me time later that day.

    Love breakfast sandwiches


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