Liverwurst Sandwich

I’m hard pressed to find many people who say yum! when I mention wanting to have a liverwurst (“liver sausage”) sandwich. The woman behind the deli counter at Fred Meyer this afternoon looked at me in a mixture of disgust and confusion when I asked her for a half pound.

I grew up eating these sandwiches – thanks to my dad – he was the one other person in my family that loved them. And it’s actually amazing that I ever even tried this meat-like substance when I was young as I was a creature of habit. A habit which mostly involved very plain food.

I lived in California for two years in which I was completely deprived of liver sausage. Would you believe no grocery store in the greater LA area carries it? None that I found, anyway. Although Portland has few things that rival LA (in my humble opinion), they have a leg up in the liver sausage department.


  • two slices of bread
  • two slices of liverwurst
  • butter, margarine or mayonnaise
  • onions, lettuce, bacon or cheese, if desired


  1. Slather butter, margarine or mayo on the insides of two slices of bread.
  2. Top one of the slices of bread with liverwurst and other optional sandwich fixings, if desired. Cover with the remaining slice of bread.

Most liver sausages are spreadable, however, I like mine in tact – big thick slices of sausage.  Typically liver sausage is served on rye or whole grain bread with red onion and mustard pickled gherkin. I like mine on sourdough, French or any other type of white Artisan style loaf as I grew up eating my (plain) liver sausage sandwiches on white bread.

Recipe rating: 

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