{Kraft} Beer Mac ‘n Cheese

I was looking through my cupboards the other day and realized I have nothing in my cupboards that I could put together with anything in my refrigerator or freezer to actually make a meal. The best I could come up with was mac n cheese – but I didn’t have any milk. I did, however, have a can of Coors Light in my refrigerator from the last time BF spent the night at my apartment (three months ago?).

I toiled with the idea of beer mac n cheese and after polling friends on Facebook (all of whom gave me the nod to make it) decided to give it a try.

In the spirit of cooking brats in beer before you grill them, I decided it was probably best to boil the noodles in beer.

Unfortunately, one can probably wasn’t enough. The beer seemed to evaporate rather quickly. For anyone that would like to try this at home, I would suggest two cans of beer.

At one point I had to add a bit of water. I feared the beer was dangerously close to completely evaporating. After the noodles had cooked for 8 minutes, I used the reserve beer that was in the pot and stirred in the butter.

Despite the fact that the mac and cheese turned out slightly gooey (more gooey than usual), boiling the noodles in beer gave the dish a slight beer taste. Anyone that has ever had beer cheese soup (yes, all you Midwesterners out there) knows that beer and cheese make a fantastic combination.

The next time I try this dish, I think I’ll add bacon, as was suggested by a Facebook friend who adds bacon to everything.

Recipe Rating: 

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