Eggs and Hot Dogs

updated 6/3/2017.

When I was growing up one of my favorite breakfast dishes that my mom made was scrambled eggs with cheese hot dogs. (In case you are unaware, hot dogs can be added to any dish to make it better. Mac and cheese with hot dogs is outstanding.)

One of the very first breakfasts BF ever made me (other than his famous breakfast bowl) was fried eggs with a side of fried hot dogs. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I thought my family was the only family on earth that ate hot dogs and eggs for breakfast.

Hot dogs are a quarrelsome matter in our kitchen. My favorite hot dogs are Oscar Meyer Cheese Hot Dogs. Wait for it … BF hates cheese filled hot dogs! I didn’t think that was possible (cheese makes everything better, too); but seriously, he detests them. He doesn’t thinks cheese  squished inside a hot dog is natural. (Which is funny because hot dogs are not the most natural of foods, so why not make it even more unnatural by adding processed cheese?)

Alas, we don’t keep cheese hot dogs in the kitchen. Once I made BF try mac and cheese and CHEESE hot dogs (like he’s always making me try things) and he said … There’s too much cheese in this dish. What can I say? He likes things the way he likes them.

This morning as BF was showering to get ready for work, I decided I would make him breakfast. Actually this is the second morning in a row I made him breakfast before work. That almost never happens.

I have yet to go grocery shopping this week and our refrigerator was broken yesterday, so we didn’t have much in our refrigerator when I peeked in there this morning. But we did have eggs, hot dogs, and cheese.

If ever someone is going to make an omelette in our kitchen, it’s going to be BF. However, on weekday mornings BF is pressed for time. Occasionally I step in and make him some sort of egg dish. Actually, I grew up making omelettes. My mom taught me how to make them at a very young age, and I think I was very good at it. Problem is I don’t really remember how to make them anymore.

For BF’s omelette I sliced one non-cheese hot dog and pan-fried it in a little butter. Then I whisked two eggs with a little smidgen of water (I know that was how I made them when I was little — when I explained my recipe once to BF he looked at me like I had a third eye. I think the water helps make the eggs more frothy and the omelette should then turn out thick and fluffy. Or something like that.) After I whisked the eggs for a few minutes I poured them into a medium-sized pan and then placed a few strips of American cheese on top. (This would be one of those times when the only cheese you should use would be American. Real cheese doesn’t go with processed hot dogs, in my opinion.) Then I lay the hot dog slices on top of that. I swirled the egg around until the there wasn’t any more egg juice running around the pan and flipped the omelette in half. Taking a cue from BF’s omelette making method, I flipped the omelette over a few times to brown it. Then I served it with a few more strips of American cheese on top for garnish. I was going to garnish it with hot dog slices, too, but I forgot.

I didn’t taste BF’s breakfast, so when rating this dish I have to take that into account. I asked BF how the omelette was mid-bite, and he replied good.

The original title of this post was “Hot Dog Omelette” which makes sense when you read what I wrote. I decided to update the post to make it more general about eggs and hot dogs. You can eat eggs and hot dogs so many ways!

One of the ways I like to make eggs and hot dogs (or any type of sausage, really) is by making scrambled eggs. I was never a huge fan of scrambled eggs until recently. Don’t get me wrong. I liked them OK. It’s just not something I would have ever really ordered unless it was the only thing being served.

Then I watched that Bradley Cooper movie where he’s a Chef in Paris and I became inspired by the scene where his rival chef was cooking scrambled eggs for him. I tried to mimic the scene in my own kitchen (minus drunk Bradley Cooper) and voila. I had the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever tasted!

This recipe serves one but you can easily multiply it to serve additional folks.


  • 1/2 T. butter
  • 2 eggs, whisked
  • 2 to 3 hot dogs, sliced (I like Oscar Meyer cheese hot dogs)
  • 1 oz. shredded cheese (I like Tillamook Monterrey Jack)


  1. In a small frying pan, melt the butter over medium heat. I set my heat to just under exactly medium.img_3673
  2. Add the sliced hot dogs to the butter and fry, stirring, until the hot dogs begin to brown a bit around the edges.img_3674
  3. Add the eggs and then the shredded cheese. Let sit for about 30 to 45 seconds then stir with a wooden spoon starting from the middle of the pan and moving outward. Cook until desired doneness. I like mine to be soft. I stir mine until I can see that the eggs are no longer runny but they still look a little wet or moist. Pour the eggs onto a plate or into a bowl and let sit for a minute or two.

Recipe rating: 


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